The Napkin CMO | Automated Demand Generation
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One of the biggest challenges for businesses, often operating in competitive markets, is consistent demand generation

Who / What / How


Almost any company (B2C or B2B) can tremendously benefit from a systemized approach to generating revenue. While the tactics I use for a B2B client selling big-ticket items requiring long sales cycles vs. a B2C company selling a service or an app will be quite different, the end result is the same – a focused and targeted marketing program that drives awareness and interest in the company’s products and services


Imagine a system that does the work of attracting, qualifying and nurturing potential clients in a predictable and repeatable way – all done for you


There’s only one way to get someone’s attention in today’s age and that’s by being relevant. Your prospects expect to receive the right message through the right channel that is relevant to them while they are at a particular stage in their journey – everything else is just that – irrelevant


Here’s what I build for my clients:


– Customer Personas and Journey

– Traffic generation with inbound and outbound strategies

– Content strategy, creation and optimization

– Landing pages and marketing automation

– Smart nurturing and re-engagement campaigns

– Segmentation and lead scoring

– Upsell / Down-sell / Cross-sell strategies

Your business could be one great funnel away from success